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The basic function of AHU type make - up air fan is to supply pre-filtered air to maintain hygienic level in the kitchen area via ducting and grilles. It is strictly designed to maintain negative pressure in the kitchen area

Pre-Assembled / Tested AHU type make-up air fan are ready to use and easy to clean / maintain.

Pre-Assembled factory pack low noise AHU type make-up air fan fabricated with heavy gauge galvanized/ mild steel body, belt drive, low rpm, low velocity, low static pressure, vibration isolator base frame, with service door for all types of kitchen make-up air system.

  Pre-Assembled AHU type modern design forward curved blades for quite operation with belt drive gives  variable air quantity requirement..

  ISI brand reputed available with 'F' class installation, IP - 55 TEFC motor shall be part of AHU type  make- up air fan for long run without disturbing the clean kitchen atmosphere.

  Pre-Assembled AHU type make-up air fan specially designed to install in any type of open air atmosphere.

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