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The basic function of SISW Centrifugal kitchen exhaust fan is to pull the air from individual requirement in the kitchen and throw the polluted air in remote area without effecting the neighbour OR it may draw the same polluted air in the kitchen (short cycle) by make- up air system, it has been strictly designed to maintain local rules and regulation.


  Pre-Assembled / Tested SISW centrifugal kitchen exhaust fan are ready to use and easy to install/ clean/ maintain. Two- Option direct drive or belt drive - as per requirement.

  Pre-Assembled factory pack low noise SISW centrifugal exhaust fan fabricated with heavy gauge mild steel body, belt / direct drive, low rpm, low velocity, high static pressure, vibration   Isolator Base frame with service door specially designed for all types of kitchen exhaust   system.

  Pre- Assembled SISW modern design Backward Inclined wheel for quite operation and total required air quantity and suitable direction shall be designed for individual  requirement.

  ISI brand reputed available with 'F' class insulation, I P - 55 TEFC motor shall be part of centrifugal kitchen exhaust fan for long run without disturbing kitchen atmosphere.

  Pre- Assembled SISW centrifugal kitchen exhaust fan specially designed to install in any type of open air atmosphere.

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