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Important Things To Know

Architects/Projects Consultant has mastered the art of utilizing every cubic inch of highly expensive space and this challenge can only be meet during the planning stage of the project by designing ACVE ducts and equipments layout with “COOLWAYS”.

Sufficient time available during planning and designing stage of project and if the “COOLWAYS” is appointed at this stage, good alternative and economy ACVE designs can be prepared.

Positive co-ordination between all architectural, mechanical, electrical and equipment/furniture designing, etc. is provided.

Proposed requirements such as location and size of ACVE equipments, shafts, or ducts riser, electrical wiring points, false ceiling and interior designing requirements can be provide by “COOLWAYS”.

Normally “ COOLWAYS” comes in the picture at a very late stage, When he has to meet all kinds of dead lines and at that time, we cannot provide our best design and services, (such as effective economy designs, life of the system, capital expenditure, operating cost, maintenance etc.) which might not perform in trouble - free manner and Owner/Architect/Project Consultant loose their ability to control the quality of the job.

Ask these questions to “COOLWAYS” We are eager to give detailed informations regarding Air-conditioning, Ventilation and Exhaust Systems of our best outlook as it relates to the ACVE industry (Residential, Commercial or Industrial).

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